Monday, 1 December 2008

Hulk Dash 6 - Korsan Bar 29/11/08

The free barbecue was cancelled! Disappointed, I hoped the acts would make up for it, they were certainly abundant enough to give it a shot. So abundant in fact that I kept missing them simply by going out for a cigarette.

Highlights included the end bit (the only bit I caught) of Ghouls of Reduction's noise noodlings, extnddntwrk's confused terrorist playing confused music act, **k's bricklaying paced set that amounted to a skyscraper and Toxic Pijin's raucous bread throwing music. Special mention must also go to Cementimental for flipping some switch in half of Ghouls of Reduction's mind and sending him satellite dish smashing loco, rolling all over everything and kicking in drums.

The only lowlight was Smash T.V. who were being irritating luminous dicks all night, displaying the kind of skinny wideboy bragadocio that makes you want to take an axe to their faces and culminating in a giant, shithouse, audibly garish jerk off set of shit MCing over shit gabba and the type of bleeping that makes you feel like you're being poked in the head by the local fuckwit. And the fuckwit is wearing a hat with shit graffiti on it. And an ironic bright red unignorable sweatshirt. And that was it really. Luckily they were last so leaving during their bouncing shitfest wasn't an issue.

But lets not let that detract from the rest of night which was bloody good fun. Thanks Hulk Dash, see you next time.

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