Friday, 19 December 2008

Dimension X/Doddodo/Scul Hazzards - 16/12/08

I came in halfway through Scul Hazzards and I was digging it but something was lacking. I caouldn't put my finger on it. It was all in the vein of Jesus Lizard, Big Black... sharp noisy guitars and that. Quite fat, plodding bass. Not up to the standard of those bands but the comparison is fair enough. Somehow they failed to get a rise out of anyone. I think they were just boring to watch. Yeah, they were just boring to watch. Oh well.

I haven't seen Doddodo for about three years. She's doing the same stuff really. A bit less hectic but still, same old Doddodo. Which isn't a bad thing because she's a very entertaining little cute pocket sized sweety who does something pretty unique, very Japanese and oddly theatrical. And hip hoppy. Good fun.

Dimension X being as it is Chris Corsano drumwunderkind, the awesome bass guy from Zu and some other guy on guitar who is a sixteen year old looking guy, put on a decent show with plenty of improvisation let down only really by the bass amp breaking early on and being replaced by a distinctly less fat one. The slightly crap sci fi related dialogue samples could have been left out but otherwise yeah, nice one.

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