Monday, 15 December 2008

ATP Nightmare before Christmas curated by The Melvins and Mike Patton 05-07/12/08

Everybody was ill, including me. We all missed everything.

One thing that happened of note was that Bad Guys performed their debut gig in a chalet on saturday night after Squarepusher kicked out. Most of the festival attended and every single one of them was high, I think. Having had one rehearsal and come up with five minutes worth of material, it's pretty admirable that Bad Guys managed to play for how long? Like forty minutes I think? I dunno, I was gone. The set ended when Jared from The Melvins decided he simply had to get in to the by that point bursting chalet and broke the amp.

The bill was £450. The Butlins people looked confused by the footprints on the ceiling.

I lost my voice again.

Oh yeah, and Porn were fucking great.

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