Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Justice Yeldham - Old Blue Last 16/06/08

So I saw him yesterday, fucking Australian. It was by turns hilarious and sickening, with a consistant underscore of 'a bit boring'. HOWEVER, what really made the night (apart from Queen of Swords who were brilliant) was this hat-wearing guy in the crowd who, while Justice attempted three times to break a thick pint glass over his head, shouted WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT TO YOURSELF STOP DOING THAT TO YOURSELF and then later, as Justice's mouth slobbered blood over shards of glass, implored him to stop his show, exclaiming THIS IS A REALLY FUCKED UP SITUATION, THIS IS A GREAT MAN BUT THIS IS A FUCKED UP SITUATION AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO REALISE WHAT A FUCKED UP SITUATION THIS IS THAT WE ARE IN RIGHT NOW and on and on and Justice tried to pull him up on stage but he was having none of it and he just pushed his way back through the crowd berating everybody in the room before running out screaming.

Even the guy on stage who was breaking sheets of glass with his teeth was taken aback. Superb performance from the hat man.

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Anonymous said...

LOL, I agree with your assessment of a lot of these experimental/noise artists. It's nice to know that I wasn't the only snarky bastard going to these kind of shows a few years ago! I'd be interested in what band you are in, if you feel like sharing.