Friday, 19 December 2008

Dimension X/Doddodo/Scul Hazzards - 16/12/08

I came in halfway through Scul Hazzards and I was digging it but something was lacking. I caouldn't put my finger on it. It was all in the vein of Jesus Lizard, Big Black... sharp noisy guitars and that. Quite fat, plodding bass. Not up to the standard of those bands but the comparison is fair enough. Somehow they failed to get a rise out of anyone. I think they were just boring to watch. Yeah, they were just boring to watch. Oh well.

I haven't seen Doddodo for about three years. She's doing the same stuff really. A bit less hectic but still, same old Doddodo. Which isn't a bad thing because she's a very entertaining little cute pocket sized sweety who does something pretty unique, very Japanese and oddly theatrical. And hip hoppy. Good fun.

Dimension X being as it is Chris Corsano drumwunderkind, the awesome bass guy from Zu and some other guy on guitar who is a sixteen year old looking guy, put on a decent show with plenty of improvisation let down only really by the bass amp breaking early on and being replaced by a distinctly less fat one. The slightly crap sci fi related dialogue samples could have been left out but otherwise yeah, nice one.

Chrome Hoof - Cargo 12/12/08

Chrome Hoof put on a good show but every time I see them I'm just waiting for them to do that one ultra heavy bit with the gladiator mask right at the end of the set.

That shit is straight from some cosmic hell type shit.

Monday, 15 December 2008

ATP Nightmare before Christmas curated by The Melvins and Mike Patton 05-07/12/08

Everybody was ill, including me. We all missed everything.

One thing that happened of note was that Bad Guys performed their debut gig in a chalet on saturday night after Squarepusher kicked out. Most of the festival attended and every single one of them was high, I think. Having had one rehearsal and come up with five minutes worth of material, it's pretty admirable that Bad Guys managed to play for how long? Like forty minutes I think? I dunno, I was gone. The set ended when Jared from The Melvins decided he simply had to get in to the by that point bursting chalet and broke the amp.

The bill was £450. The Butlins people looked confused by the footprints on the ceiling.

I lost my voice again.

Oh yeah, and Porn were fucking great.

The Locust - Bardens Boudoir 04/12/08

I love seeing The Locust play live. They really live up to their name, sounding like a horrifying swarm, operating with a hive mind. It's brutal, aggressive and impressive. It gets you riled.

I headed straight to the epicentre of the pit as soon as the set started and held my ground there throughout, witnessing kids getting brained on the ceiling protrusions and having their glasses smashed underfoot, and suffering leg-breaking, rib cracking crushes myself. Multiple times one particularly brittle young boy was thrown forth into the drumkit, eventually fucking the bass mic and causing The Locust drummer to throw a hissy fit and complain that people were being rowdy.

That, actually, was the one downside to the night. It's become apparent to me through seeing interviews with the band and seeing them live a couple of times that they are basically dicks. Or at least certain members are. Which sucks because they play like fucking demons. Oh well, I woke up the next day feeling like I'd had the shit kicked out of me for an hour and feeling like it was worth it, and feeling like how the fuck am I supposed to go to ATP for three days and nights and not die now?

Agaskodo Teliverek - Buffalo Bar 02/12/08

After taking part in Kania Tiefer's mass hypnotisation of every straight guy and lesbian in the place - the result of a combination of an impeccably cute belgian accent, silly euro-nonsense performance, sports socks and short shorts - I picked my jaw up off the bar, tucked my approval into the waistband of my jeans and suffered the offensively bland Three Trapped Tigers who sounded like the kind of stupid future version of the world which people imagine is Utopia but is actually mindnumbingly unentertaining to the point of making you feel suicidal. In a bad way.

Then Agaskodo Teliverek step to the stage and Jesus Christ Hiroe looks fucking insane she's wearing a Patrick Bateman raincoat over a bikini and she's one month short of giving birth. Her screaming has got better since last I saw this bunch of peculiar hungarian surf grunge dance pioneers (although not a patch on the screaming she'll be doing in January, no doubt). The whole act is regimented and tight and performed with military precision, admirable considering the psychotic, schizophrenic style of songwriting on display and it's obvious these guys are serious about their fun music, which is good news for us.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Hulk Dash 6 - Korsan Bar 29/11/08

The free barbecue was cancelled! Disappointed, I hoped the acts would make up for it, they were certainly abundant enough to give it a shot. So abundant in fact that I kept missing them simply by going out for a cigarette.

Highlights included the end bit (the only bit I caught) of Ghouls of Reduction's noise noodlings, extnddntwrk's confused terrorist playing confused music act, **k's bricklaying paced set that amounted to a skyscraper and Toxic Pijin's raucous bread throwing music. Special mention must also go to Cementimental for flipping some switch in half of Ghouls of Reduction's mind and sending him satellite dish smashing loco, rolling all over everything and kicking in drums.

The only lowlight was Smash T.V. who were being irritating luminous dicks all night, displaying the kind of skinny wideboy bragadocio that makes you want to take an axe to their faces and culminating in a giant, shithouse, audibly garish jerk off set of shit MCing over shit gabba and the type of bleeping that makes you feel like you're being poked in the head by the local fuckwit. And the fuckwit is wearing a hat with shit graffiti on it. And an ironic bright red unignorable sweatshirt. And that was it really. Luckily they were last so leaving during their bouncing shitfest wasn't an issue.

But lets not let that detract from the rest of night which was bloody good fun. Thanks Hulk Dash, see you next time.

Zaimph/Bridget Hayden/Library Tapes - The Miller 28/11/08

Why is it everyone from Iceland sounds the same? Melancholy ambient strings and twinkly piano like snowflakes melting into tears. Way to reinforce stereotypes Library Tapes. You've even got the wooly hat to go with it. Why are you crying in the corner go buy a happy lamp.

Bridget Hayden: Boring barefoot cross-eyed bowed guitar bullshit with faux ethnic chanting. Boringboringboringboringboringboringboringboringboringboring

I saw Hototogisu a while back and it was pretty good, pretty solid guitar noise shit so I thought hey maybe Marcia Bassett will be good by herself and you know what? She was alright. Quite nice. Quite Euphoric. Not totally special. Bit boring. But professional.